Our award-winning combination of advanced technology and cutting-edge methodology produces, in-depth candidate assessment, streamlining the recruitment process, reducing costs and commercial down-time, and increasing new employee retention.

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Improves New Employee Retention

Almost 100% of newly-placed employees are still in position after 12 months*

Anywhere, Anytime

Your candidate shortlist can be easily viewed, securely, from any Internet-enabled device.

Removes the Guesswork

Behavioural assessments, video interviewing and questionnaires provide in-depth analysis.

  • Secure Online Access

    Employers and candidates are provided with their own secure account so information can be easily uploaded and viewed.

  • Candidate Focused

    Candidates create and upload their own content so they can highlight the elements of their skills and experience they feel are most important.

  • Video Introductions

    From simple introductions to interview-style Q&As, video technology allow employers to “meet” the candidates remotely.

  • Online Messaging

    Employers can ask the recruitment consultant questions and discuss options with their colleagues using the private messaging system.

  • Compare shortlist

    The abilities and expected salaries of the shortlisted candidates can be easily compared, facilitating faster and more accurate decision-making.

i-intro video
i-intro video
i-intro video
i-intro video
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Who uses this platform?



Review shortlists on the go and save time by only interviewing the candidates that are most closely matched to your requirements.



Candidates added to the shortlist are directly involved in creating their personal profile and demonstrating their interest.


Job Seekers

Individuals actively searching for a new role create a unique online profile that can be easily shared with potential employers.



Adding their expertise in locating and assessing candidates, recruiters provide their clients with measurably better results.


Save Time and Money

Avoid wasted time interviewing unsuitable candidates by reviewing the shortlist and only spending time with those that match your requirements.

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Make Smarter Hiring Decisions

Use the key competency questionnaires and behavioural assessments to select candidates that are a good fit with your firm’s culture and working style.

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Optimised for Mobiles and Tablets

Review the candidate shortlist and discuss their relative merits with your colleagues using virtually any Android or Apple mobile and tablet device.

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